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Carpet Cleaning

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Sofa Cleaning

from £43

Curtain Cleaning

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Hard Floor Cleaning

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Domestic Cleaning

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Oven Cleaning

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

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05 Jun

Deep Cleaning

In certain instances, your property requires thorough, detailed cleaning that deals effectively with all cleaning requirements. In such cases, our professional deep cleaning service in RG1 will prove to be exactly what you need. The service will give you excellent coverage and cost efficiency as you will you will receive a lot of cleaning for relatively little money.

Our specialised deep cleaning available in Reading is the ideal solution for bringing your property up to scratch after:

  • Long periods of disuse;
  • Absence;
  • Prolonged cleaning neglect;

On the same note, you can also request the deep cleaning in case you simply want the entire property cleaned professionally from top to bottom. This is particularly useful when you will be having visitors or people staying over. Our deep cleaning in Reading is fully customisable in order to cover specific cleaning requirements set forth. In case you have no specific cleaning needs, the service will cover the entire property in a systematic, efficient approach in order to yield consistent, quality cleaning results all round.

Naturally, our cleaners will focus their effort and attention on heavy duty rooms and areas like the kitchen, the toilet, bathroom, living room etc. High traffic zones like staircases, hallways and front door areas usually need more cleaning effort, and our cleaners will pay the necessary attention to those as well.

The service is performed by specially qualified cleaners who have the necessary practical skills and technical expertise to deal effectively with a range of different cleaning requirements and provide you with industry standard cleaning results and immaculate hygiene where you need it most. As expected, all cleaning is done using professional grade cleaning products and materials. Our cleaning systems are nontoxic and will not pose a health risk to customers or their loved ones and pets.

We need to point out that deep cleaning is a more elaborate and detailed cleaning service which will require a certain amount of hours to complete properly. So for best results and no margin for error, please bear with our cleaners for the time being – it is to your benefit.

When it comes to efficient and affordable deep cleaning based customers will appreciate what we have in store. In a nutshell, the deep cleaning service is:

  • Fully comprehensive and customisable;
  • Gives you genuine value for money and excellent results;
  • Convenient and useful on multiple occasions;

The service is available for booking during all days of the week, under flexible hours.

05 Jun

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is quite a broad term and different cleaning companies have different take on what pro grade cleaning is. We however have a clear understanding of what our customers expect and require of a professional cleaning service that is worth their time and money.

When you choose from our range of professional cleaning in Reading you will receive punctual, efficient and affordable cleaning solutions that deliver the required results every time, no buts no exceptions. Even though professional cleaning solutions do cost a certain amount of money, when you have us on the case that would be money well spent in every respect as we will save you:

  • Time – time is your most precious resource, and you shouldn’t have to spend it cleaning;
  • Money – you save money from purchasing different cleaning products and materials;
  • Effort – no sweat off your brow, our cleaners will expertly do all the work;

Our range of professional cleaning services in RG1 provides versatile and flexible solutions to multiple cleaning requirements either basic or complex. Whether you need to clean a single room, or the entire premises from top to bottom, we have the right service for you.

When talking professional cleaning customers must be provided with the best possible results. This is only possible if cleaners and equipment are up to scratch. Should you choose us as your preferred cleaning company, you will be serviced by teams of specially qualified cleaning technicians, trained to work with industry grade cleaning systems and products. More so, the cleaning process itself will be carried out in a well-organised, unobtrusive manner, and competed within the agreed amount of time.

Our professional cleaning available in Reading will not put a dent in your budget either, as we know how to keep our prices within reasonable limits without compromise on quality or efficiency of our work. We make it happen through better training of our cleaners, more efficient work practices and attention to fine detail.

When it comes to professional cleaning based customers can be sure that we are the right people for the job. We will provide everyone with exceptional quality cleaning minus the usual hefty price tag so common to other service providers. We will do things better, cheaper and faster – that’s our promise. No matter how complex or elaborate your cleaning requirements, our professional grade cleaning solutions will deliver the necessary results and leave you with money to spare.

05 Jun

Home Cleaning

Effective home cleaning takes time and effort on a regular basis. Not many people these days have the time and energy to clean their home week in and week out as daily commitments like family, work etc. are always a priority. We can maintain your home clean, fresh and neat whenever and however you need through our specialised home cleaning service available in Reading.

The home cleaning service in the area is an efficient and affordable cleaning solution that gives you the necessary flexibility and convenience. The service is totally customisable and wraps around your cleaning requirements and preferences. This cleaning service can be made to cover:

  • All rooms of the property;
  • Customer specified areas only;
  • Specific home features or appliances;

Our home cleaning in RG1 is quite convenient as it can be requested as one off cleaning session, or on a fixed schedule basis – ideal for when you don’t spend too much time at home, but want the place clean and fresh at all times. The frequency and duration of the regular cleaning visits depends entirely on customer preferences and availability.

The cleaning process itself is efficient and thorough as it is performed by specially qualified cleaners. Obviously, professional standard cleaning results are guaranteed as our cleaning teams work with industry grade cleaning systems and materials. This not only yields better results all round, but also reduces cleaning time and resource waste. Naturally, all cleaning products and materials are nontoxic as we look out for the health and wellbeing of our customers and their loved ones.

There will be no delays, and all cleaning will be completed within the agreed amount of hours. We may send you a number of cleaners if your home cleaning requirements are elaborate, or we need to complete the job within a narrow timeframe. We will do our best to be out of your ways as soon as physically possible.

So, when it comes to efficient and inexpensive home cleaning households can count on us for the right service at the right price. Overall, the home cleaning gives you:

  • Exceptional quality cleaning results all round;
  • Good cost efficiency and extensive coverage;
  • Versatility and convenience;

The service is available to customers throughout all days of the week, including Sundays and public holidays, this also applies to fixed schedule cleaning visits. We will arrange for flexible service hours that don’t get in the way of your schedule.

05 Jun

One Off Cleaning

If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive and efficient way to clean your home properly without actually having to invest any effort on your behalf, then our specialised one off cleaning in Reading is just what you need. The one off cleaning service in RG1 is a specially designed cleaning solution that is meant to yield high quality cleaning results where you need them most, without of course having to pay a small fortune to make it happen.

The one off cleaning is a perfect solution to those situations when you don’t have the time or means to clean your home, but the need to do so is imminent. The service is also a quick way out if the cleaning chores you are faced with are just too many or too elaborate for one person to handle. Overall, the one off service covers both general and specific cleaning requirements, which makes it really versatile and genuine value for money.

On the same note, the one off service also gives you great flexibility and convenience. Let us elaborate – the one off cleaning can be made to cover the entire house from top to bottom, or the cleaning teams can focus their attention on customer specified rooms and areas. For example, many customers prefer to have the one off service done as specialised wet room and kitchen cleaning. How you want your one off cleaning done is entirely up to you – just let us know and we will make it happen.

The cleaning itself is performed by teams of diligent, well organised cleaners who know their work inside out. The cleaning process will be carried out in a systematic, well-structured fashion in order to reduce cleaning time and cancel out the margin for error. All work will be done using industry approved, professional grade cleaning products and materials as this allows for better results and no risk of damage. All cleaning systems used are nontoxic and ecofriendly – the health and wellbeing of our customers and their loved ones is paramount.
So, basically, our one off cleaning service available in gives you:

  • Versatility and comprehensive coverage;
  • Excellent cost efficiency and real value for money;
  • Flexibility and freedom of choice on what you need cleaned;
  • Guarantee for best possible cleaning results;

Our one off cleaning services in Reading are quite affordable and won’t strain your household budget. Services are booked for all days of the week, with flexible hours that work around your availability.


05 Jun

Rug Cleaning

Many people enjoy the luscious and luxurious look of rugs as their comfort properties and appeal are too hard to resist sometimes. Problem with rugs is that they are quite a problem to keep clean and anyone who has tried to clean rugs using conventional methods knows it all too well.

If you want to keep your valuable rugs looking and feeling better for longer, then don’t subject them to conventional or aggressive cleaning treatments as these will surely shorten their life at best, or in most cases cause mechanical damage to the rug itself.

We can offer you a much safer and more efficient way to care and clean your pricy rugs, and that is our professional rug cleaning service in Reading. The cleaning methods and products we apply are industry approved and safe for all types of natural and synthetic rugs. There will be no damage or alteration to the rug’s colour fastness, comfort properties, dimensions or structure. The cleaning is performed using professional grade equipment and techniques which penetrate deep between the strands all the way down to the base of the rug thus giving you deep, long lasting hygiene you can actually see and feel. The cleaning systems we use are also antibacterial.

Many rugs are quite expensive to purchase, and people would consider them a long term investment which should yield returns for as long as possible. Our rug cleaning service available in will not only keep your rugs clean and fresh, but also extend their life and give you more years of loyal use.

Our rug cleaning in is performed by specially trained cleaning technicians. The cleaners will determine the type of your rugs – either natural or synthetic, also their weave, and then choose the most effective yet sparing way to clean the rug. In case there are specific stains or blemishes that you need taken care of, the cleaners might have to pre-treat the affected area for complete removal.

Since you rugs will not be subjected to erroneous cleaning methods as our rug cleaning services in provide the correct cleaning treatment, this makes our rug cleaning genuine value for money. How so? Well, for starters you won’t have to purchase new rugs as often, which means more money in your pocket and fewer hassles. The cleaning process itself will be completed within the shortest time possible, with the least amount of disruption.

05 Jun

Spring Cleaning

Every home deserves a proper spring cleaning treatment, even if you were quite regular and consistent with your home cleaning efforts during the cold months of the year, a full scale spring cleaning session is the ideal way to prep your home for upcoming spring and summer season.

Our spring cleaning services in are the cost effective and efficient way to clean your home from top to bottom, and receive professional cleaning results all round, as well as perfect hygiene where it matters most.

The spring cleaning service in is performed by a team of well organised, qualified cleaners who will go about their work with professional pace and efficiency. The cleaners will distribute chores amongst them and work their way through the house systematically as to ensure everything is cleaned properly and no areas are missed.

Generally, our spring cleaning service available in covers the entire house from top to bottom, including hard to reach and obscured areas which sometimes get missed during regular cleaning. Naturally, our diligent cleaners will invest extra time and effort into cleaning properly heavy duty rooms like the toilet, the bathroom, the kitchen or wherever else you need them to. High traffic zones like staircases, hallways and the front door area will also be subjected to the same thorough cleaning in order to yield consistent, high quality cleaning results all round.

The cleaning process will be done using highly effective, industry approved products and materials for best results and no risk of damage. Of course, we work with nontoxic, ecofriendly cleaning systems. Our spring cleaning available in is also very cost effective as compared to other seasonal cleaning treatments as you get a lot of cleaning for relatively little money. If we were to define this full scale property cleaning service in three words, they would be:

  • Comprehensive;
  • Affordable;
  • Efficient;

The spring cleaning service will take a certain amount of hours as we need to bring deep, long lasting hygiene to all the rooms and areas where it matters most, so for best results – please bear with our cleaners for the time being. Otherwise, the spring cleaning will be completed with the least amount of disruption or delay. Our teams will do their best to be out of your way as soon as possible. Spring cleaning sessions are booked for all days of the week, with flexible hours that work around your schedule.

05 Jun

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture is notoriously hard to keep clean and stain-free, especially when talking about dining room chairs or futons that see a lot of coffee drinking and gossiping on a daily basis. As if to make matters worse, upholsteries are made of delicate, demanding materials and fabrics that will not handle conventional or aggressive cleaning treatments.

Apart from the usual daily dose of dust, pollen, bacteria and odours to which upholsteries are exposed, there is also another factor that must be considered and that is contact with the human body. Constant contact with the human body will expose upholstered furniture to issues like hairs, body oils and odours, dead skin cells etc.

Our professional upholstery cleaning service in Reading will prove to be the safe, effective and affordable solution you have been looking for. The upholstery cleaning service is:

  • Absolutely safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fabric upholsteries – there will be no damage or alteration to dimensions and colour fastness of the fabric;
  • Very convenient as all cleaning takes place on site, in the comfort of your own home, there will be no need take the furniture piece elsewhere, and wait for it to be returned;
  • Quick and efficient – there will be no need to disassemble the furniture piece or remove the upholstery as we work with professional grade equipment;
  • Cleaning techniques we apply are effective on all size upholsteries – no piece of fabric too small or too big to clean;
  • Adequate cleaning methods applied as per the type of fabric and its current state;

Our upholstery cleaning available in Reading is performed by specially qualified cleaning technicians who will arrive at your address fully equipped for the task. They will determine the type of fabric used for the upholsteries as well as the type of staining or soiling to be removed. This is done in order to choose and apply the most effective and sparing cleaning method. Please bear with our cleaners for the time being as different upholstery fabrics respond differently to specific cleaning treatments.

Our upholstery cleaning services in Reading are the proven and effective way to keep such demanding furniture pieces perfectly clean and sanitised without risking their visual and comfort properties. The upholstery cleaning service available in RG1 is open for booking seven days a week, under convenient hours that don’t get in your way. Cleaning is done using ecofriendly products and materials.

05 Jun

Sofa Cleaning

The sofa is one of the delicate and stylish features of any well-arranged interior. Sofa sets see a lot of daily use and won’t take too long before starting to look tatty and worn. Before you grab the brush and bucket though, take a minute to consider the following – sofas are made of sensitive, demanding materials and finishes that don’t tolerate conventional or aggressive cleaning treatments too well.

Instead of risking your sofa’s good looks and comfort properties to conventional cleaning, you are better off using our professional sofa cleaning in Reading. The service is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic sofa finishes. Plus, the cleaning methods we apply are very effective at stain removal without altering the affected area underneath.

The sofa cleaning process is done by specially qualified cleaning technicians who will review the type of finish or material used on your sofa, consider the level of staining or soiling, and in turn choose and administer the most effective yet sparing cleaning method. The cleaning products and equipment we use are professional grade and industry approved. All products will evaporate without trace or residue shortly after cleaning. As expected nontoxic, ecofriendly cleaning practices are integral to our service.

The sofa cleaning service available in RG1 is very convenient and totally hassle-free as all cleaning takes place on site, there will be no need to disassemble the sofa or take it elsewhere for cleaning. Reduced cleaning time is one of the biggest upsides of this particular cleaning service

Our sofa cleaning service in Reading is more effective than any over the counter cleaning solutions out there, plus it gives you more value for money in all instances. Our knowledgeable cleaners will provide you with valuable advice on how to keep your sofa clean and away from damage. It must be noted that subjecting your sofa sets to regular professional cleaning will also prolong their life and keep this type of non-leather furniture looking better for longer.

Our sofa cleaning services in Reading are moderately priced and shouldn’t be a problem for your budget. In all cases, you save from having to purchase a new sofa set as we will clean your current sofa to an industry standard finish. The service is available to customers during all days of the week. Cleaning appointments are booked under flexible hours. The process will be completed within the agreed amount of time.

05 Jun

Window Cleaning

Many people don’t see the point in cleaning their property’s windows as the task is not only time consuming, but quite tricky as well. However, windows are a distinctive feature of most residential and commercial properties, plus they are one of the first things a guest or customer sees when they approach the property, so it would make sense to keep the windows clean as much as possible – first impressions are the most important.

As mentioned, effective window cleaning is quite hard, tricky and can be dangerous sometimes. So, instead of risking it, we recommend using professional window cleaning service in Reading as the more efficient and safe alternative.

When it comes to window cleaning, substandard results are clearly seen, literally, this is why we work with specially qualified cleaning technicians who will make sure your windows are sparkling clean and blemish-free, both inside and out.

Our professional window cleaning services in RG1 are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of windows – old and new. The cleaning methods we use are scratch-free and will not damage or alter the window’s pane transparency, framework or finish. Typical issues like bird droppings, paint droplets, silicone smears and others such are a real nuisance to clean off, but we use professional grade solvents and products which will dissolve and remove even the most stubborn of blemishes.

Sometimes windows are awkwardly positioned and hard to reach from either inside or outside. This however will not be a problem for our cleaning technicians as they are equipped with telescopic extensions, bendable extensions and a whole bunch of other clever equipment that will make the job doable. Having said this, windows above certain height will not be subject to cleaning as doing so might pose a risk of personal injury to our cleaners – appreciate your understanding.

So, in a nutshell the advantages of using our specialised window cleaning available in Reading are:

  • Safe and efficient cleaning to a professional finish of ninety nine percent of all windows;
  • Exceptional quality cleaning results both inside and outside the window;
  • No risk of damage or alteration to transparency or protective coatings;
  • More than reasonable service costs;

Our professional window cleaning services available in Reading can also be secured on a regular basis. This is quite convenient for offices and other commercial establishments. For best results we recommend having the window cleaning done in fair weather.

05 Jun

Office Cleaning

Good office or workplace hygiene is essential if you want to keep your staff, customers and yourself healthy and productive. A clean and neat workplace also shows respect for your business and customers. Indeed keeping the office clean at all times is a bit of a challenge as there is no way for owners or managers to shut down for the day in order to clean the place as this would translate to lost profits and office downtime.

We however, can make office cleaning the quick, efficient and inexpensive exercise you need it to be. Our professional office cleaning service in Reading is the perfect solution to the situation. What’s even better the service is moderately priced and gives you genuine value for money.

There are many upsides and benefits of using our office cleaning in RG1, here are just some of them:

  • Cleaning will be done in a suitable, off peak time such as weekends, or after business hours without delays or too much fussing about;
  • Cleaning is performed by specially qualified cleaners who have the necessary expertise in commercial property and office cleaning;
  • Excellent results every time as we work with industry approved, high quality cleaning systems and materials;
  • Comprehensive coverage – the cleaning process covers the entire office space, including wet rooms, common areas, kitchen facilities etc.

In order to make life easier for our business customers and save them the hassle of having to call us up each time they need their workplace cleaned, our office cleaning service available in Reading can be secured on a regular basis. The fixed schedule office cleaning is available on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The exact duration and frequency of cleaning visits depends entirely on customers’ preferences and availability.

One thing that many people forget is that a clean office is also a healthy office. When the workplace is kept properly cleaned and sanitised at all times, people are less likely to get sick and will take fewer days off during the year. From a business perspective, a clean office is a certain way to increase productivity and cooperation amongst staff and customers.

Our office cleaning services in RG1 are reasonably priced and will surprise you pleasantly with good value for money and sufficient coverage. We will provide business customers with individually prepared service quotes and customised pricing. The service is available seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.