About Our Cleaning Company

Being a successful cleaning company in a dynamic and ever-changing industry such as ours is not easy and takes a lot. When we started off, none of us really had a clear idea of how demanding and even cut-throat the professional cleaning industry really is. Nevertheless, we invested all the skill, effort and tenacity we had into making it happen, and we did. We knew that a professional cleaning company in Reading is only as professional as its cleaners are. Because of this we took the time and effort to find then shortlist and pick the most dedicated, skilled and well trained cleaning technicians we could get our hands on.

In result, we now have a team of great cleaners who know their work inside out and always strive for the best possible results on every job. Apart from skills and expertise, we also focused our business philosophy on affordability and cost efficiency of our cleaning practices. Why so? Simple – over expensive cleaning services, as good as they may be, would be rendered useless for our customers.

Our aim was to organise and provide our cleaning solutions in such way as to reduce overall service costs to a minimum without compromise on quality or efficiency of our work. We did this through more training, better work practices, use of quality products and materials, and of course the right work attitude on behalf of our guys. Now our customers can enjoy well-priced cleaning that delivers consistent, quality results that are actually worth it.

Versatility and convenience is another key aspect of our success. We knew that having to call in a bunch of cleaning companies for different cleaning chores is highly inefficient, more expensive and let’s face it – a pure hassle really. We wanted to change that and make life easier for our customers, this is why we went to some length to be able to provide the large number of cleaning solutions we have on offer today. That is indeed a great story, but where does that leave you – the customer? Well, in a rather favourable position really as all of our customers have access to efficient and affordable cleaning solutions fit for any purpose and occasion. So, when looking for a genuinely good cleaning company based households and businesses can be sure, that we are the reliable and trustworthy service partner they have been looking for.