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15 Jun

Man & Van

Efficient and convenient removals are closer and more affordable than you think. We offer our private and business customers inexpensive, versatile man and van services Reading RG1 based customers can take advantage of our quality removals and have their items relocated quickly, safely and affordably –a proper removal service, just the way it needs to be.

Our man and van removals in Reading RG1 are the swift and no-fuss way to relocate anything from single or odd items to entire property contents, without having to pay a small fortune. In case you are worried about damage or misplacement of your belongings during handling and transit – don’t be. Our expert teams are made up of specially qualified movers and van drivers all of whom have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure the safe handling and no-damage transportation of your items.

Our man and van in Reading RG1 is the flexible and inexpensive removal solution you have been looking for. We have the technical capacity and expertise to relocate single items, bulky or odd items that don’t fit the boot of your car, fragile and high value belongings such as artwork, collections and music instruments. In order to spare your belongings from damage, we also provide a professional packing service as part of the removal. Packing doesn’t take long, won’t cost you a pretty penny, but will give you more protection and extra peace of mind.

As expected of a professional man and van service provider in Reading RG1 we have sufficient number of specially equipped transport vehicles of different size and load capacity. All vans are clean, stocked with removal blankets, fitted with GPS navigation and equipped for lifting and securing of heavy items.

We guarantee timely delivery without any costly delays or unexpected setbacks. In case you are moving multiple items or relocating contents of different rooms or floors, we might suggest conducting a preliminary job viewing in order to determine the most efficient and quick way to organise the relocation. Of course, the removal will be scheduled for a suitable time and day of the week as to have everything completed with the least amount of disruption to your daily schedule and commitments. The mover teams will arrive on the dot and commence work immediately in a diligent, well-organised manner.

Should you have any concerns or questions to do with the removal service, please let us know and we will be happy to explain why and how we do things.

05 Jun

Patio Cleaning

Just like any other exterior feature of the property, the patio is also exposed to the elements all year round. In the case of the patio though, frequent intended and non-intended use also affects its good looks. What does this actually mean though? What this means is that mould, discolouration, grime built up and other such are all issues caused by weather exposure. In other cases, household chemicals like bleach, or certain cooking oils can also stain the patio or make it look grimy. In many instances, the patio is also used as a repair pad for lawn mowers, hedge trimmers etc. which can leak oil, fuel or coolant and stain the patio top surface almost permanently.

A worn and tatty patio is not only unpleasant to look at and use, but also depreciates your property’s market value and curb appeal. One way to clean the patio is to treat the surface with aggressive toxic chemicals and solvents and spend days on end in scraping and scrubbing all the gunk and grime off it. The other (in our opinion more sensible) way to restore the patio’s former good looks is to use our specialised patio cleaning service in and have this valuable property feature looking clean and fresh in a matter of hours.

Our professional patio cleaning service available in Reading is the best option at your disposal – why? Because:

  • The cleaning systems we apply are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of materials and surface finishes of which patios are made;
  • The cleaning time, effort and resources are all reduced to a minimum as we have the necessary expertise and use professional grade equipment;
  • No risk of property damage or personal injury as our cleaners are specially qualified professionals;

The patio cleaning available in RG1 is performed using professional grade pressure washing equipment as well as rotational scrubbing and polishing machines. Generally, we don’t use any chemicals unless there is need to pre-treat certain stains or blemishes. The cleaning process will restore the patio’s original appearance minus sunlight and mechanical damage. For best results and reduced cleaning time we recommend having the service done in relatively good weather. We cannot clean patios with compromised structural integrity as dislodged debris can cause damage or injury.

The patio cleaning in Reading is reasonably priced and cost effective as you get a lot specialised cleaning done for relatively little money, and we also guarantee best possible results.

05 Jun

Mattress Cleaning

One of the biggest causes of diminishing bedroom air quality, as well as many skin rashes and irritations is poor mattress hygiene. Indeed, the mattress is one of those things that don’t seem to require any cleaning at all, but there is more to this bedroom story it than meets the eye.

A new mattress is free of any dust, dirt, bacteria, pathogens and irritants, both inside and out. In time though, with everyday use the average mattress will begin to accumulate great deals of these. This would normally show through clamminess of the top layer, that specific musky odour, changes of hue, itchy skin of people using the mattress etc.

Sometimes people are tempted to use conventional cleaning methods such as airing, sunning or certain superficial cleaning treatments. These however are quite ineffective, as many of the mattress hygiene issues are further down, beneath the top layer. Some of these issues are bacteria spores, insects and insect eggs (bedbugs too sometimes) which are unaffected by conventional cleaning treatments.

Our professional mattress cleaning in Reading is the solution to your problem. The mattress cleaning process is completely safe as it uses hardly any products. Instead we clean the mattress using professional grade steam cleaning systems allowing for complete eradication of all insects and bacteria on the top surface as well as under layers of the mattress. It is this specific layered structure and the dark, humid environment inside the mattress that allows for funguses and bacteria to thrive and multiply.

The mattress cleaning service in Reading is safe and suitable for all types of mattresses, and will not affect their appearance or comfort properties. Steam cleaning equipment is applied to top, sides and bottom of the mattress for consistent results. Use of specialised steam cleaning systems means organic and chemical stains have no chance. Hot steam penetrates deeper than any conventional cleaning treatments which means long lasting hygiene you can actually see and feel.

Our mattress cleaning available in RG1 is very affordable and won’t be a problem for your budget. The entire cleaning process takes place onsite, which makes it quite efficient. The mattress will be dry enough to use in a few hours, though this depends on relative humidity and temperature inside the room. It is recommended to clean your mattresses professionally at least once every six months. The mattress cleaning service available in Reading is performed by specially qualified cleaning technicians.

05 Jun

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen happens to be one of the most heavily used areas of the house. Constant daily use usually leaves the average kitchen in need of some serious cleaning. A clean, sanitised kitchen is a must have for any household that wants to keep germs and bacteria at bay, in other words interior hygiene will be greatly improved by keeping the kitchen clean and fresh as much as possible.

Problem with effective kitchen cleaning is that it requires time, effort and resources on a regular basis. The longer the intervals between kitchen cleaning sessions the more laborious and intensive the cleaning process. Most people though, don’t really have the time and energy to spend hours on end in scrubbing and rubbing of nooks and crannies around the kitchen. In such situations, customers can turn to us for specialised kitchen cleaning available in Reading.

Our kitchen cleaning service available in RG1 is an inexpensive yet fully comprehensive cleaning treatment that subjects the entire kitchen and most of the features in it, to a thorough cleaning that delivers industry standard results, no matter how dirty or neglected the kitchen.

As mentioned, the service is fully comprehensive and covers:

  • All tiled and non-tiled surfaces – this also includes floors and sink backsplash; cabinet exteriors etc.
  • All food preparation and storage areas – including bench tops, chopping boards, table, pantry, cabinet interiors etc.
  • Fixtures and features like sinks, rinse basins, taps, dish racks, small fixed and non-fixed appliances and many more;

In case customers have specific cleaning requirements, please inform our cleaners upon arrival and they will be happy to oblige. Our kitchen cleaning service in Reading is carried out by qualified cleaning technicians who will go about their work with professional pace and efficiency. They will systematically and meticulously clean the entire kitchen from top to bottom thus giving you consistent, high quality cleaning results all round.

The cleaning process itself is performed using industry grade solvents and disinfectants which leave germs and bacteria no chance at all. On the same note, we apply only nontoxic, ecofriendly cleaning systems as we care for the health and wellbeing of our customers. Our products and materials will evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue right after cleaning – leaving the kitchen perfectly clean and ready to use straight away

The kitchen cleaning service available in the Reading area is quite affordable and won’t be a strain on your household budget. We offer flexible booking hours during all days of the week.

05 Jun

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors may appear the same as normal flooring, but they are quite different in many respects. First and foremost, hard flooring is somewhat expensive to purchase and install, as such it requires specialised cleaning maintenance. Random cleaning treatments are not recommended for hard floors as the sheer cost of having to repair or replace certain sections of the floor is formidable.

Having said that, hard floors are meant to be resistant, hard wearing and very durable, so how come they get affected by erroneous cleaning treatments? That’s a fair question and here is the answer: Although hard floors are very resistant to chemical and mechanical damage subjecting them to erroneous cleaning treatments on a regular basis will diminish their resistance, appearance and properties, and mind you that won’t take too long.

Our professional hard floor cleaning in Reading is a specialised, highly effective cleaning treatment that is perfectly suitable and safe for all types of hard floors including composite material hard flooring surfaces. The cleaning systems we apply will not only yield professional standard cleaning results, but they will also prolong the life of hard floors thus give you more years of maintenance-free use.

The hard floor cleaning available in RG1 is carried out by specially trained cleaning technicians who work with industry approved products and materials for best results and no risk of damage. The cleaners will determine the most effective and sparing cleaning method as per the type of floor and its current state.

Effective floor cleaning takes time and effort, and a certain amount of expertise. Our specialised hard floor cleaning service in Reading is the efficient and inexpensive way to keep your hard floors in tiptop nick at all times. We will save you:

  • Time – from having to do the cleaning on your own, this is great news for customers occupying properties with large square footage of hard flooring;
  • Money – no need to purchase expensive hard floor cleaning products and materials as our cleaners will bring all the necessary equipment;
  • The guesswork – we will apply the correct order of cleaning products and systems as to clean your hard floors effectively without risk of damage;

The hard floor cleaning service available in RG1 is quite versatile as it can be ordered as one off, or on a regular basis – which keeps the floors looking better for longer. Service is available for booking seven days a week.

05 Jun

Floor Cleaning

Residential and commercial properties are fitted with different types of flooring. Many properties make use of multiple types of flooring as well. Different flooring types require different cleaning methods. Different cleaning methods involve choosing and applying the correct floor cleaning systems. Floor cleaning systems are the type of products and materials with which the floor is cleaned or treated, and the order in which these are applied is essential for good results and no damage or alteration to the flooring surface’s appearance and properties.

Floor cleaning however, doesn’t seem like a complex task to most people, and it isn’t really, but effective floor cleaning takes a lot of time and effort – especially in those cases where properties are fitted with multiple types of flooring. Another factor that makes floor cleaning more specific than it appears is regularity. Effective floor cleaning maintenance is an ongoing commitment and must be done on a regular basis.

Our professional floor cleaning service in Reading RG1 is a cost effective, efficient cleaning solution that will keep your floors clean and sanitised at all times. The floor cleaning techniques we apply are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of flooring (besides hard floors – we have a separate cleaning service for those). Professional floor cleaning on a regular basis will also extend the lifespan of your floors which makes everything a worthwhile investment.

Our specialised floor cleaning service available in Reading RG1 can be ordered as one off, or on a fixed schedule basis – this is especially beneficial for establishments and offices where hygiene is an ongoing requirement. As always, the cleaning process will be carried out by title=”Cleaners Reading RG1″ href=”/”>qualified cleaning technicians who will review the type of flooring and its current state in order to choose and apply the most effective and sparing way to clean the floor.

Using our professional floor cleaning in Reading RG1 gives you many advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Minimum cleaning time – work performed by qualified cleaners using professional grade equipment and materials;
  • No risk of damage or alteration to the floor’s appearance of properties;
  • Cost efficiency – no need to spend on specialised cleaning products and materials – cleaning teams are fully equipped for the job;

The floor cleaning service in Reading RG1 is available to private and business customers. Cleaning appointments are booked for all days of the week including public holidays, under flexible hours. Customers can expect reasonable service costs and professional standard results all round.

05 Jun

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning treatments are the only effective way to clean both synthetic and natural fibre carpets properly, without risk of causing damage or altering the carpet’s comfort properties and appearance.

Carpets require specialised cleaning on a regular basis, or at least once every six months. Common hygiene issues like dirt, dust, bacteria, pollen etc. will cause the carpet to look matted and unsightly. More so, everyday foot traffic drives dirt and grime further down the carpet, making conventional cleaning methods quite ineffective. Carpets around the house usually suffer from staining too, as spills and drops, as well as pet urine can cause almost permanent staining and odour which are only dealt with effectively by professional carpet cleaning.

Our dry carpet cleaning in Reading is a specialised carpet cleaning service, which is an alternative to steam cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning available in RG1 is very effective and delivers industry standard cleaning results every time. There are a number of factors that make this relatively new cleaning treatment so good, and they are:

  • Reduced cleaning and drying time;
  • Safe and effective on all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets;
  • Removal of both organic and chemical staining;
  • Minimum contact between carpets and cleaning equipment – no risk of mechanical damage;
  • Less contact allows for longer lifespan of carpets;

The dry carpet cleaning service in Reading is carried out by specially qualified cleaning technicians who are trained to use professional grade cleaning systems and equipment for best results and no risk of damage or alteration to the carpet’s visual and comfort properties. The cleaning process itself consists of:

  • Detailed vacuuming in order to remove large bits and pieces from in-between strands;
  • Application of specially formulated spray-on cleaning solvent;
  • Use of specialised dry cleaning equipment in order to spread the cleaning agent;
  • Final, heavy duty vacuuming in order to remove all trace of dirt, grime and leftover cleaning products;

Although this is a chemical cleaning treatment, the products and materials we use are nontoxic and will not pose a health risk to occupants at the property. There will be no trace or residue of our cleaning materials after the cleaning is completed. Subjecting your carpets to our dry carpet cleaning service available in will not only keep them looking better for longer, but it will also improve indoor hygiene and air quality – especially important for people with certain respiratory conditions, and sensitive skin.

05 Jun

Driveway Cleaning

The driveway is usually one of the finishing touches on any well-kept property. A stylish driveway can up the property’s curb appeal by a mile. Having said that, not many people consider the driveway to be in need of cleaning, usually the average driveway never really makes the to-do cleaning checklist.

Nevertheless, the driveway needs cleaning, proper cleaning too. The conventional way to clean your driveway is to grab a brush, a bucket, a bunch of toxic solvents and scrub and rub for hours if not days on end, breathing in toxic fumes, toiling away in the heat or rain. You can also hire your own pressure washer, though this is also hard work, plus you may cause damage or personal injury if unexperienced.

In all cases, our professional driveway cleaning service in Reading is the most efficient and affordable way to clean your driveway to a perfect finish, not to mention it is totally hassle-free for you.

A good quality driveway service is great stuff, but why do you need to clean the driveway? Isn’t it supposed to be a heavy duty property feature able to take a lot of beating? Indeed so, but the driveway is not indestructible, the following factors affect the driveway greatly and cause its good looks to diminish:

  • Exposure to the elements all year round; this also includes moss and funguses, though certain driveway surfaces are more resistant to these;
  • Chemicals such as oil, coolant, fuel etc. dripping from vehicle’s undercarriage, this also applies to snow melting agents and road cleaning chemicals;

These issues will cause dark patches, odd colour, fading, discolouration, built up etc. Our professional driveway cleaning available in RG1 will deal with these effectively and bring the driveway to its former good looks.

We use professional grade pressure washing equipment with adjustable temperature and pressure settings. We also have interchangeable nozzle bits for those tough to reach nooks and crannies. The jet wash machines are industry grade and allow for minimum water and resource waste.

The cleaners performing the driveway cleaning in Reading, are qualified cleaning professionals, which means no risk of property damage or personal injury during the process. The cleaning methods we use are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of driveway surfaces.

Customers must be aware that pressure washing of driveways of compromised structural integrity will not be performed as high pressure washing equipment might dislodge loose bits and pieces and turn them into flying debris. Generally, the driveway cleaning service available in will be able to restore the original hue and colour of the driveway, minus sunlight damage which is permanent.

05 Jun

Curtain Cleaning

Chances are your curtains are an integral part of the interior design you have chosen, as such you would like to keep them looking clean and fresh as much as possible. Problem with curtains is that they are usually made of delicate, sensitive fabrics and materials which will not withstand conventional machine washing or other such aggressive cleaning methods.

The proper way to care and maintain your curtains clean and sanitised is to use our professional curtain cleaning service in Reading. This might sound a little clichéd, but in fact our effective yet sparing cleaning techniques are the proven way to clean any type of curtain to a perfect finish without damaging or altering its fabric properties, dimensions, colour fastness etc.

Our advice as professional cleaners is to refrain from using machine and conventional cleaning methods on your curtains as these are more than likely to cause damage such as fading, tearing, discolouration etc.

On the other hand, our professional curtain cleaning in RG1 is a service that is both safe and versatile, here is why:

  • Cleaning process suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre curtains;
  • Effective stain removal on all fabrics, this includes both organic and chemical staining;
  • No risk of damage or alteration, even to delicate curtain fabrics;
  • No need to take curtains off, cleaning equipment allows cleaning while curtains are hung;
  • Cleaning equipment used allows for effective cleaning of all size curtains;
  • All cleaning procedures take place on site, swiftly and efficiently.

Customers need to be aware that sunlight damage to the curtain i.e. fading and brittleness, is considered permanent, and cannot be reversed by professional cleaning methods.

Our curtain cleaning available in Reading is a technical cleaning process, performed by qualified cleaning technicians, equipped with professional grade equipment and materials. Depending on the type of curtain fabric and its state, the cleaners will choose one of two available methods:

  • Steam curtain cleaning – highly effective in stain removal, brings lasting hygiene to both sides of the curtain fabric, perfectly safe and nonchemical cleaning method;
  • Dry curtain cleaning – also known as restorative cleaning, uses very little water, usually reserved for really delicate fabrics, uses nontoxic cleaning solvents;

Both methods are very effective and will not damage or alter the curtain and its visual and physical properties in any way or form. Subjecting your curtains to professional cleaning on a regular basis will keep them looking better for longer thus prolong their life.

05 Jun

Commercial Cleaning

Businesses, offices and other commercial establishments require specialised cleaning, most of the time on a regular basis too. The most efficient and cost effective way to maintain your commercial premises clean and santisied is to use our professional commercial cleaning service in RG1 and never worry about workplace hygiene again.

We understand that immaculate hygiene throughout the premises is more than just a necessity for many establishments but also a law imposed requirement. This is why our commercial cleaning in Reading is a thorough, fully comprehensive cleaning solution that covers the entire premises. Our cleaners will be extra diligent and attentive when going over heavy duty zones of the premises like toilets, common and coffee break areas, entrances and hallways etc. Special attention will be paid to work areas and stations where there is lots of foot traffic.

Should owners or managers have specific cleaning requirements concerning certain areas or rooms of the commercial establishment, please let the cleaning teams know upon arrival and they will be happy to oblige. The commercial cleaning service available in RG1 happens to be the most efficient and convenient way to maintain good level of hygiene throughout the property. Here is why:

  • Comprehensive cleaning – covers everything, brings exceptional quality cleaning results and lasting hygiene where it matters most;
  • Convenience – cleaning takes place in a suitable off peak time, in order to avoid disruption to customers and staff duties, this also prevents business downtime and lost profits;
  • Cost efficiency – affordable service, extensive coverage, punctual and attentive cleaning, no margin for error, no costly delays;

The commercial cleaning available in Reading is also quite versatile as it can be requested on a fixed schedule basis, as well as one off. The frequency and duration of the regular cleaning will depend solely on customer preferences and availability. The fixed schedule cleaning is a perfect way to maintain your premises clean and sanitised at all times, without having to incur excess costs. The one off cleaning, and the regular cleaning visits can take place before or after opening hours, or over the weekend.

This cleaning service is performed by specially qualified commercial property cleaners, using industry certified cleaning systems and materials. All cleaning products used are nontoxic and do not pose a health risk to occupants. Working with professional grade cleaning materials and products, ensures best results and reduced cleaning time – both of which are essential for all businesses and commercial establishments.