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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning treatments are the only effective way to clean both synthetic and natural fibre carpets properly, without risk of causing damage or altering the carpet’s comfort properties and appearance.

Carpets require specialised cleaning on a regular basis, or at least once every six months. Common hygiene issues like dirt, dust, bacteria, pollen etc. will cause the carpet to look matted and unsightly. More so, everyday foot traffic drives dirt and grime further down the carpet, making conventional cleaning methods quite ineffective. Carpets around the house usually suffer from staining too, as spills and drops, as well as pet urine can cause almost permanent staining and odour which are only dealt with effectively by professional carpet cleaning.

Our dry carpet cleaning in Reading is a specialised carpet cleaning service, which is an alternative to steam cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning available in RG1 is very effective and delivers industry standard cleaning results every time. There are a number of factors that make this relatively new cleaning treatment so good, and they are:

  • Reduced cleaning and drying time;
  • Safe and effective on all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets;
  • Removal of both organic and chemical staining;
  • Minimum contact between carpets and cleaning equipment – no risk of mechanical damage;
  • Less contact allows for longer lifespan of carpets;

The dry carpet cleaning service in Reading is carried out by specially qualified cleaning technicians who are trained to use professional grade cleaning systems and equipment for best results and no risk of damage or alteration to the carpet’s visual and comfort properties. The cleaning process itself consists of:

  • Detailed vacuuming in order to remove large bits and pieces from in-between strands;
  • Application of specially formulated spray-on cleaning solvent;
  • Use of specialised dry cleaning equipment in order to spread the cleaning agent;
  • Final, heavy duty vacuuming in order to remove all trace of dirt, grime and leftover cleaning products;

Although this is a chemical cleaning treatment, the products and materials we use are nontoxic and will not pose a health risk to occupants at the property. There will be no trace or residue of our cleaning materials after the cleaning is completed. Subjecting your carpets to our dry carpet cleaning service available in will not only keep them looking better for longer, but it will also improve indoor hygiene and air quality – especially important for people with certain respiratory conditions, and sensitive skin.