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Carpet Cleaning

from £26

Sofa Cleaning

from £43

Curtain Cleaning

from £18

Hard Floor Cleaning

from £60

Domestic Cleaning

from £9/h

Oven Cleaning

from £45

End of Tenancy Cleaning

from £89
05 Jun

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is quite a broad term and different cleaning companies have different take on what pro grade cleaning is. We however have a clear understanding of what our customers expect and require of a professional cleaning service that is worth their time and money.

When you choose from our range of professional cleaning in Reading you will receive punctual, efficient and affordable cleaning solutions that deliver the required results every time, no buts no exceptions. Even though professional cleaning solutions do cost a certain amount of money, when you have us on the case that would be money well spent in every respect as we will save you:

  • Time – time is your most precious resource, and you shouldn’t have to spend it cleaning;
  • Money – you save money from purchasing different cleaning products and materials;
  • Effort – no sweat off your brow, our cleaners will expertly do all the work;

Our range of professional cleaning services in RG1 provides versatile and flexible solutions to multiple cleaning requirements either basic or complex. Whether you need to clean a single room, or the entire premises from top to bottom, we have the right service for you.

When talking professional cleaning customers must be provided with the best possible results. This is only possible if cleaners and equipment are up to scratch. Should you choose us as your preferred cleaning company, you will be serviced by teams of specially qualified cleaning technicians, trained to work with industry grade cleaning systems and products. More so, the cleaning process itself will be carried out in a well-organised, unobtrusive manner, and competed within the agreed amount of time.

Our professional cleaning available in Reading will not put a dent in your budget either, as we know how to keep our prices within reasonable limits without compromise on quality or efficiency of our work. We make it happen through better training of our cleaners, more efficient work practices and attention to fine detail.

When it comes to professional cleaning based customers can be sure that we are the right people for the job. We will provide everyone with exceptional quality cleaning minus the usual hefty price tag so common to other service providers. We will do things better, cheaper and faster – that’s our promise. No matter how complex or elaborate your cleaning requirements, our professional grade cleaning solutions will deliver the necessary results and leave you with money to spare.